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Inscent, Inc. develops novel, environmentally friendly products that control insects by behavior alteration achieved through manipulation of the insect chemosensory system. The insect chemosensory system and the manner in which it controls insect behavior are the subject of widespread research and our advancing understanding of the molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics of insect chemosensation has lead to the new field of sensory biotechnology.  Insects use their chemosensory systems -- odor detection (olfaction) and taste detection (gustation) -- to interact with each other and their environment. Chemicals that either block or activate these systems at the molecular level to achieve behavioral alteration, trade named Arometics, will provide an entirely new mode of pest control. Increasingly stringent environmental regulations and legislation such as the federal Food Quality Protection Act have restricted the use and availability of conventional insecticides. Growers and researchers have invested considerable effort and expense into implementing integrated pest management (IPM) schemes that may include carefully selected beneficial species (e.g., parasitoids or natural predators). Arometics technology can be integrated into these existing strategies by virtue of its species-specific nature. Moreover, Arometics provide the potential to increase safety and improve public health at large by minimizing grower and farm worker exposure to insecticides while protecting consumers from accidental exposure to post-harvest residues.

The potential uses of Arometics technology are not limited to agriculture. Numerous insect species transmit disease in humans and pose a serious public health threat, while other insects infest homes, gardens, and industrial locations. Arometics products are well suited to control all of these insect species while protecting the environment and the nation’s natural resources.

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